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Virgin of Peñafrancia: Mother of Bicol

Title: Virgin of Peñafrancia: Mother of Bicol
Author: Vitalino R. Gorospe Jr. with R.Javellana
Synopsis: INA. They call her Ina. There is no word more intimate, more meaningful to the Bicolano devotee than Ina, mother. Not the regal term “Señora,” the theologically significant “Virgen” but Ina. Before a mother from the barrio lights a candle or waves a handkerchief for the child she cradles in one arm, while pointing with the other to the image of Peñafrancia riding high cover the murky waters of the Bicol river, she whispers to the babe in hand, “Oya na, Nonoy, si Ina” (My most cherished son, there is your mother).
Year Published: c1995
ISBN: 971-569-758-7
Format: Softbound, Glossy paper
Size: 11 x 8.75
No. of Pages: 93 pages
Condition: Used
Weight: -

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