Saturday, December 20, 2014

Vintage Santo Tomas de Aquino Wood Carving

Title: Vintage Santo Tomas de Aquino Wood Carving
Description: Santo Tomas de Aquino - A Doctor of the Church and a famous Dominican, his devotees abound in the Philippines. The image was crafted from batikuling, indigenous wood from the Philippines. His tonsure symbolizes divinity and adherence, the Dominican hood and pleated habit evokes the late Baroque style of execution. Due to age minor cracks and abrasions likewise discoloration are present. It is believed to be more than a hundred years old and probably come from Central Philippines.
Measurement: It measures 12.5 inches in height and 4 inches across.
Condition: In Good Condition
Weight: approximately 450 grams

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HAC Code: 2A037


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