Friday, December 19, 2014

Vintage Revolutionary Leader Diego Silang y Andaya (SOLD)

Title: Vintage Revolutionary Leader Diego Silang y Andaya
Description: Diego Silang y Andaya - This man was a revolutionary leader who conspired with British forces to overthrow Spanish rule in the Northern Philippines and establish an independent Ilocano nation. His spouse was another Filipino heroine, Josefa Gabriela Silang y Carino. The statue is made from baticuling a native wood from the Philippines. Here, he is depicted riding his horse, donning native revolutionary attire and holding a native bolo in his right hand, ready to battle and demonstrate astute gallantry. Tints were used to serve as highlights. The horse was also made of the same material carve in a fighting posture and ready to dominate.
Measurement: It measures 26 inches in height and 14 inches across.
Condition: Due to its age, some minor cracks, abrasions, and discoloration are present. It is believed to be more than one hundred years old and probably come from Northern Philippines.
Weight: approximately 7,000 grams

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HAC Code: 2A032


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