Monday, December 15, 2014

Vintage Colonial c1900s Style Tambourine Heirloom Necklace

Title: Vintage Colonial c1900s Style Tambourine Heirloom Necklace
Description: Up for sale is a lovely antique colonial style tambourine necklace. The tambourine necklace is a typical Filipino heirloom jewelry that was made popular during the Spanish Colonial Period as women wanted to adorn themselves while still remaining within the austerity measures set by the Spaniards at the time. They resemble rosaries and, indeed, were often paired with crucifixes and were the jewelry of choice when attending church.
This elegant piece features a beautifully handcrafted relikaryo pendant and large, ornate circular beads.
Measurement: The chain measures about 30 inches in length.
The pendant measures about 4.2 centimeters in height and 3.5 centimeters across.
Condition: In verygood Condition
Weight: -

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HAC Code: 3A007


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