Thursday, December 11, 2014

Vintage Lovely Santo, Santa Lucia Saint Lucy

Title: Vintage Lovely Santo, Santa Lucia Saint Lucy
Description: Saint Lucy was a young Christian martyr who died during the Diocletianic Persecution. As the patroness of the blinds and martyrs, she has a large following in the Philippines, specifically during the Spanish colonial era. The image is made from batikuling, a native wood from the Philippines. Although both hands are missing, the craftsmanship still shows the ingenuity of local artisans. A brown tint was used to highlight the image, though abrasions and minor cracks are visible due to age. It is believed to be more than ninety years old and probably come from northern Philippines.
Measurement: It measures 15.5 inches in height and 5 inches across.
Condition: In Good Condition
Weight: Item weighs approximately 1,350 grams

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HAC Code: 2A012


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