Thursday, December 11, 2014

Religious Carving Santa Rosa de Lima, Vintage

Title: Religious Carving Santa Rosa de Lima, Vintage
Description: The patroness of Latin America and the Philippines, she was born in Peru. As a member of the Third Dominican Order her devotion and sacrifices were emulated early by her devotees who aspires the same penances and piousness. The image is made of batikuling, an indigenous wood from the Philippines. The style is late baroque, quite prevalent during the Spanish colonial period. The face looks serene and the hands in perfect condition. Some tints were used as highlight through already faded. The mantle and the habit are well proportioned and the pleats came out naturally. Some minor impurities are conspicuously present such as cracks and abrasions due to age. It is believed to be more than eighty years old and must have come from Central Philippines.
Measurement: It measures 17.5 inches in height and 7 inches across.
Condition: In Good Condition
Weight: Item weighs approximately 1,300 grams

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HAC Code: 2A011


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