Thursday, December 11, 2014

Antique Lovely Santo Mannequin, Nuestra Senora de Remedios

Title: Antique Lovely Santo Mannequin, Nuestra Senora de Remedios
Description: Nuestra Senora de Remedios (Our Lady of Remedies) - One of the oldest Marian images in the Philippines is located inside the antiquated Malate Church, within the old Ermita district. A lot of Manilenos are attracted to go to the church dedicated to her, asking for life’s good remedies (that’s why her title implicates) in a fast paced world. This collector’s item statuette is called “Bastidor”. It has a movable arms and hands that can be adjusted to a desired angle. It was also meant to be dressed, depending on one’s taste and preference. Usually it dons fine material fabric, adorned with lavish embroideries and appliqué. The facial structure is well balance, further enhances with glass eyes. A wig could be attached for a more effeminate appearance likewise with matching jewelry as adornment. It is believed to be more than a hundred years of age and probably come from Central Philippines.
Measurement: It measures 21.5 inches in height and 10 inches across.
Condition: In Good Condition
Weight: Item weighs approximately 1,400 grams

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HAC Code: 2A005


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