Saturday, December 6, 2014

Anting-Anting Undershirt, Talismanic Vestment for Protection

Title: Anting-Anting Undershirt, Talismanic Vestment for Protection
Description: Although it has undergone an evolution of context, commerce and use, the anting-anting still figures heavily in the daily lives of rural folk. Steeped in myth and religion, the anting-anting links to the Filipino's belief in the soul and his ideas on leadership, power, nationalism and revolution, and contributes a fascinating facet to the complex rural psyche. Its mythological roots precede Spanish colonization and Catholicism. Long before the Spaniards came, the natives worshipped their ancestral anitos and a host of gods, and among the Tagalogs, Bathala (Infinito Dios) reigned supreme. This ancestral spirituality laid the rudiments for the anting's body of beliefs and its variety of powers. Centuries of colonial Catholicism further provided many esoteric and pagan elements, incorporating religious icons and concepts. This vestment came from a religious-folk group in the mountainous region of the Southern part of the Philippines. It is decorated with mystical figures and Latin inscriptions on both sides. This type of garment is believed to protect its wearer from negative energy or enemy attack. It is said that once worn it lends its mystic powers to aid the wearer in healing and in warding off evil spirits.
Measurement: It measures 28 inches in height and 18.5 inches across.
Condition: Used

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HAC Code: 14B001


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