Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Museum of Treasures of Southeast Asia

Title: Museum of Treasures of Southeast Asia
Author: National Museum
Synopsis: Museum Treasures of Southeast Asia is the second in a series of books to be published by the ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information that showcases the wealth of history and culture of Southeast Asia. Through invaluable historical artifacts from the national museum of each of the ten member countries of ASEAM, Museum Trasures of Southeast Asia tells the story of the rich material culture of the region. The book is in itself a treasure, as it reveals in words and pictures the region’s immense and colourful cultural diversity while at the same time tracing the common thread that runs through each of the ASEAN nations.
Year Published: c2002
ISBN: 981-04-7589-6
Format: Hardbound, Glossy paper with duskjacket
Size: 10.75 x 11.75
No. of Pages: 189 pages
Condition: Used
Weight: -

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