Saturday, December 27, 2014

Antique c1900s Virgin Mary Wooden Santo Carving, 13”

Title: Antique c1900s Virgin Mary Wooden Santo Carving, 13”
Description: Marian devotion is one of the many legacies that Spain has left during their more than 300 years of colonial rule. Many craftsmen were commissioned by the church as well as other prominent Filipinos to carve images of the Virgin as a testament to their faith.
This carving is quite beautiful in its simplicity, exhibiting clean straight lines. The carving is quite old as evident in it’s patina with scratches and abrasions throughout. Both hands are missing, a characteristic not uncommon for statues this old. These imperfections instead of taking away from the quality of the piece actually lends it more authenticity and charm and is a testament to its true age.
Measurement: -
Condition: In Good Condition
Weight: approximately 500 grams

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HAC Code: 2A064


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