Monday, October 20, 2014

Modern Art by Fred Ramirez

Title: Modern Art by Fred Ramirez
Author: Marlene Aguilar
Synopsis: Whether Ramirez creates his works to yield meanings of import or simply to relish and delight in the pleasures and enchantment of colors should not be a source of conflict. To disdain or favor one over the other is surely a loss to the viewer. Ceberal or hedonistic, Ramirez’s works of art in the abstract mode embrace and adibe by a sense of fulfillment in the emotive power of art. To be sure, only by satisfying the equal demands of eye, heart and mind will the art of Ramirez have found its balance aesthetic equation.
Year Published: c2008
ISBN: 978-971-93446-4-3
Format: Hardbound, Glossy paper with dusk jacket
Size: 11.5 x 10.5
No. of Pages: 189 pages
Condition: New
Weight: -

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