Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Landmarks of Manila 1571 - 1930

Title: Landmarks of Manila 1571 - 1930
Author: Visitacion R Dela Torre
Synopsis: You’re bound to stumble upon patinaed buildings as you tour Metro Manila. Masks of historical tales provide a cover even as paint peels off a corner here, an eave there. Some structure invariably hangs on a type of architectural design you think is unfamiliar, or grotesquely nostalgic. Some are original institutional buildings half a century old, others are reconstructed affairs, while most are relatively recent. Recent as they are, however, these buildings still evoke a past which sticks like a shadow, haunts like a friendly ghost or shimmers like a sudden shaft of light, Mute as these edifices are, their voices rice to a pitch urging you to take the time to retrace the path they once took.
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Format: Softbound, Glossy paper with dusk jacket
Size: 12.25 x 9.5
No. of Pages: 224 pages
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