Friday, September 19, 2014

Nick Joaquin’s Almanac for Manilenos

Title: Nick Joaquin’s Almanac for Manilenos
Author: Nick Joaquin
Synopsis: Almanac is from Spanish almanaque, itself derived from Arabic al-manakh, which means: the weather. And that about sums up the almanac’s why and wherefor. It was, you might say, the poor man’s newspaper. He bought it once a year. Almanacs are almost by definition for country use, but Nick Joaquin’s Almanac for Manilenos differs by addressing itself to the urban user. It’s a calendar, a weather chart, a sanctoral, a zodiac guide, and a mini encyclopedia on the world of the Manileno. Its main intent is obviously to inform and delight, not a bad aim for any author.
Year Published: c1979 Manila
Format: Hardbound, bookpaper, with dust jacket
Size: 12.3 x 9.3
No. of Pages: 322 pages
Condition: Old Stuck
Weight: 1.25 kilograms

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