Friday, September 19, 2014

Manansala Nudes

Title: Manansala Nudes
Author: Rod Paras-Perez
Synopsis: Drawing was his great obsession. At the zenith of his fame he would still wake up at dawn to sketch. Drawing was his love even when he was a child. In his more mature years, drawing was to be his talisman. For many artists like Manansala, who have been trained in the classical tradition, drawing the human form is still the peak to be scaled, the Mount Everest that unlocks vistas of fine paintings. It mattered less to Manansala if in the process of painting he often got into a more abstract rendering of what he saw – into what he calls Transparent Cubism: this, to him, was a matter of choice. Very often, however, he kept his drawings of the nude within quite traditional norms. There were a number of instances where planar structures fascinated him, more so during and shortly after his sojourn in Paris, but he would learn – easily enough, towards the end of his career – to reserve abstraction for his oil paintings. His nudes, like his watercolors remained his regular affirmation and paean to discipline and virtuosity.
Year Published: c1989 Manila
ISBN: 971-1005-28- X
Format: Hardbound, glossy, with dust jacket
Size: 12.2 x 9.3
No. of Pages: -
Condition: New
Weight: 1 kilogram

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