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Juvenal Sanso: Art Quest between 2 Worlds

Title: Juvenal Sanso: Art Quest between 2 Worlds
Author: Rod Paras-Perez with an introduction by Nick Joaquin
Synopsis: We can signal the place of Juvenal Sanso in our culture: he is the belated Kipling of the Spanish era, a Peninsular finally expressing greatly how the Philippines appears to the Peninsular eye. His startling landscapes are the new-found land that Magellan saw, that Legazpi beheld, that Morga analyzed. So if the fruits, flowers, fences, fishponds and nipa huts in Sanso strike you as bizarre although obviously Philippine, bear in mind that those things are being viewed with first time wonder by an eye looking back at them across four centuries. The art of Sanso belongs to a fantastic world. The flower compositions, the landscapes, reveal a mysterious universe full of magic. It is this wonderment that gives his paintings their beauty and renders them both unique and unforgettable. Starting with realistic designs of beautifully firm strokes, he creates visions of nature yet unseen, where the accumulation of certain elements like spongy rocks, mounds of stones, bamboo scaffoldings, form dream landscapes of singular greatness.
Year Published: c1998
ISBN: 971-1005-27-1
Format: Hardbound, dust-jacket
Size: 9.2 x 12.2
No. of Pages: 147 pages
Condition: New
Weight: 1,010 grams

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