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Intramuros of Memory

Title: Intramuros of Memory
Author: Jaime C. Laya and Esperanza B. Gatbonton with an introduction by Nick Joaquin
Synopsis: Ruins hold an infinite fascination. One wonders what the broken stones once were, about the long dead builders, about the people who lived, loved and died there, and about the holocaust that brought final destruction. This is why Intramuros fascinates. Since 1945 an eroding pile of volcanic stone, a wasteland in the heart of Metropolitan Manila; site of the original palisade of Rajah Soliman; for almost four hundred years the bastion of Spain in the East; for forty years the site of American colonial and Philippine Commonwealth government. This book is the result of the first efforts of the Intramuros Administration to conceptualize its work, to gather available material for use in zoning, restoration and evaluation of building proposals. Mrs. Esperanza B. Gatbonton did months of work at the National Archives, the National Library, the Lopez Memorial Museum, and the Ayala Museum, combining old books and magazines in search of visual material. Mr. Jaime C. Laya, Action Officer of the Intramuros Administration and at that time also Minister of the Budget, detoured from the principal work of some missions in the United States and went through the collections of the U.S. Library of Congress and the U.S. National Archives, looking for Intramuros photographs. Mrs. Susana L. Mysen, of the Philippine Embassy staff in Washington, went out of her way to the Department of the Army, to identify useful material. The harvest was rewarding and some of the best finds are presented in this work.
Year Published: c2011 Manila
ISBN: 978-971-8761-04-5
Format: Hardbound, dusk-jacket, glossy paper
Size: 11.5 x 8.8
No. of Pages: 172 pages
Condition: New
Weight: 1 kilogram

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