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Title: Cuaresma
Author: Gilda Cordero-Fernando and Fernando N. Zialcita.
Synopsis: No other liturgical season in the Philippines has as varied, as visible, and as vibrant a folklore as lent has. For the student of culture, Lent provides an excellent opportunity to examine the Filipino’s reinterpretation of Christianity: the meaning it has for them and the extent to which this meaning both approaches and diverges from the position of the Church.
One purpose of Cuaresma is to document the varied beliefs, and practices that occur during Lent. Another is to explain the usual features of Philippine Lent, by showing how the Filipinos has shaped Christianity, how average the Filipino has reinterpreted Christian beliefs within the context of Philippine social, political, and economic structures, and even physical environment.
The aesthetic has also been an important motivation for this book.
Many Lenten customs have charm, as can be seen in the many photographs in full color and black and white.
Cuaresma is only a partial inventory. Much goes on in the far-flung corners of the archipelago, and much is changing.
Intended for a wide audience, Cuaresma hopes to open for them new vistas on the popular, annual spectacle that is Lent.
Year Published: 2000
Format: Softbound
Size: 12 x 10
No. of Pages: 249 pages
Condition: This book is in very good condition, some minor shelf-wear on the cover. Everything else is good.
Weight: 1.9 kilograms

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