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CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art Vol. VI: Philippine Music

Title: CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art Vol. VI: Philippine Music
Author: Cultural Center of the Philippines
Synopsis: As the premier government institution in the arts, the Cultural Center of the Philippines has responded with zeal to the call for national culture and has paved the way for its creation. To encourage artists from all regions to produce works with a contemporary Filipino character and guide them in their journey as they return to their roots, the CCP has embarked on artistic heritage projects, arguably the most important of which is this encyclopedia. This pioneering work has four general objectives. First, it seeks to provide a comprehensive and systematically arranged collection of reference materials on the Philippine arts and the ethnolinguistic groups from which they spring. Second, having assembled all basic data in its volumes, it hopes to bring the country nearer to the possibility of synthesizing its traditions into expressions of national culture in architecture, visual arts, dance, music, theater, film and literature. Third, even as the encyclopedia pulls together research data on the arts and peoples of the Philippines, it hopes to infect readers with a passion to do further research in order to complete the mosaic mural of Philippine culture. Last, the encyclopedia hopes to make available to the international public information on the cultural achievements of the Filipinos, interpreted by Filipinos themselves.
Year Published: c1994, Manila
ISBN: 971-8546-23-5
Format: Hardbound, bookpaper
Size: 11.3 x 8.8
No. of Pages: 400 pages
Condition: This book has been re-bound; covers are in good shape with some minor wear and bumps; leaves are fine and crisp with some minor toning; overall VERY GOOD condition.
Weight: 1,100 grams

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