Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adler Llagas

was born in Baras, Rizal, liked to paint the vast mountain range of the Sierra Madre, even if it were in postcard-size watercolor. The mountains were what he knew the best. He liked to go off on his own as a boy, on solitary walks in “them thar hills” His first drawings were not of humans, but of those mountains. Figures were of no interest to him. These early miniatures already displayed a fine hand, excelling at extraordinary renditions of light and shadow. Adler’s exposure to art started in his second year at the Tanay National High, when he saw the art works of a classmate, Jojo Florendo, then an active member of the Tanay Artist’s Group. The Group was mentored by local restaurateur, Ka Ante Catalos, a fine arts graduate. Jojo became a first mentor. Jojo would introduced him to artist Brando Bati, who would bring him to Jun Tiongco. Adler would later meet Robert Syqui, another fine Rizal artist, who painted grandiose skies that dominate the canvas. Exposed to the best artist of Rizal, Adler’s sensibilities sharpened even more. By 1996, Adler was exhibiting his striking miniatures as guest artist with the Tanay Artist Group, under its then president, Jimmy Vista. Even when Adler went fulltime into painting, his works remained small in size, 2 x 3 or 5 x 7 inches. Up to the late ‘90s, he was doing watercolors, but after a year of apprenticeship under Brando Bati, he switched to acrylic. Merce and Panyong Atencia would carry his works in their gallery in Quezon City, and collector Chuckie Arrellano would by his works. Adler’s paintings are included in the coffee table book of the Arellano collections, Art Across the Philippines written by artbook author Manny Duldulao. Duldulao has been Adler’s guide and mentor. Manny has included him in “ Art Collector’s Guidebook, Vol. II. Adler has now switched to doing large artworks, such as 4 x 7 piece featured in the Duldulao book, of the 48 x 48 work exhibit at a 3-man show at the Philippine Heart Center in 2004. Adler’s first solo was in Caracas, Venezuela, organized by a collector who worked at the Department of Foreign Affairs. The Caracas show was a sell out. Adler has a studio in Morong, shared with old classmate Jojo Florendo of Tanay who paints still life and interiors, and Antonio Daleon of Morong, who does folk renditions and butterflies.
14" x 22"
HAC Code: 79552
Water Color
14" x 21.5"
HAC Code: 79554
Water Color
14.5" x 22"
HAC Code: 79553


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