Saturday, November 5, 2011

World War II in the Philippines (Page 2)

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An Anthology of
World War II
in North Luzon
Waiting for the Enemy:
World War II
in the Philippines:
The Last Journey
Some Filipinos
World War II
A Novel
by F. Sionil Jose
Erlinda ng Bataan
by Nieves
Baens-del Rosario
A Trial of Generals:
Homma, Yamashita,
Postwar Japanese
Economy and
Southeast Asia
Army Air Forces WWII:
Pacific - Guadalcanal
to Saipan
War Wounded: Combat
Stress Sequelae of
10ID Soldiers
The Complete Story of
Codebreaking in
World War II
It Took Four Years
for the Rising
Sun to Set
History of
World War II
Armed Service Memorial
Bolomen: Stories of the
Civilian Resistance in
Wartime Ilocos
Terror in Manila:
February 1945
Ballantine’s Illustrated
History of the
Violent Century Book 2
Terry’s Hunters
The True Story of the
Hunters ROTC Guerrillas
The Luzon Central Plain:
Zambales, Bataan
and Corregidor
Ballantine’s Illustrated
History of the
Violent Century Book 10
The Story of Three
in a Civilian
Internment Camp
My Brother
By Carlos P. Romulo


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