Saturday, October 22, 2011

War Wounded: Combat Stress Sequelae of 10ID Soldiers by Gail Tan Ilagan

Title: War Wounded: Combat Stress Sequelae of 10ID Soldiers
Author: Gail Tan Ilagan
Synopsis: War shock has been the convenient term to describe unusual behavior of soldiers who are fresh from battle or have deeply registered and prolonged trauma from past life-threatening combat encounters. Beyond such circumstances, however, there are complex psychological, social, and emotional processes involved, precipitating factors, and deeper indicators in the onset of combat-related trauma or what we commonly refer to as war shock. The following pages and chapters of this work give the reader an in-depth – almost introspective – look at the processes that give rise to trauma or combat stress. We are drawn to visualize the narrative of the respondent’s to the study of the author. Even a non-specialist or lay reader will find the narratives engaging with the non-clinical approach to the text, which looks at the stream of the consciousness of the respondents.
Year Published: 2010, 2nd Printing, Davao City, Philippines
Format: 978-971-0392-18-6
Size: 8.8 x 6 inches
No. of Pages: 156 pages
Condition: This book is brand-new; no visible wear or damage; leaves are fine and crisp with no toning; overall EXCELLENT condition
Weight: 210 grams

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