Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vision & Conviction: An Anthology of World War II in North Luzon by Beulah D. Nuval

Title: Vision & Conviction: An Anthology of World War II in North Luzon
Author: Beulah D. Nuval
Synopsis: The Japanese military conquest and occupation of the Philippines in 1941 to 1945 is undoubtedly the most difficult experience that the Filipinos were called upon to suffer and endure. There have been notable accounts about that experience by both local and foreign authors and writers. This book now captures what may rightly be called the North Luzon Experience, the Vision and Conviction of our countrymen there during World War II. These articles and accounts are not all of that experience. But they speak loud and do leave their indelible marks on any reader to complement whatever knowledge he has acquired through his other readings and information.
Year Published: 1998, Quezon City, Philippines
ISBN: 971-91919-1-0
Format: Recent-cloth, bookpaper
Size: 9.2 x 6.2 inches
No. of Pages: 245 pages
Condition: This book has been re-bound and covered in protective plastic wrapping by previous owner; covers are in excellent shape with no obvious bumps or damage; leaves are fine and crisp with no obvious toning; overall EXCELLENT condition
Weight: 560 grams

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