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Spirits Unbroken: The Story of Three Years in a Civilian Internment Camp by R. Renton Hind

Title: Spirits Unbroken: The Story of Three Years in a Civilian Internment Camp, under the Japanese at Baguio and Old Bilibid Prison in the Philippines from December, 1941, to February, 1945
Author: Renton Hind
Synopsis: This is not a gory chronicle such as might be expected in an account of life in a prisoner-of-war camp. It is a factual story of daily living in a Philippine civilian internment camp under the Japanese where American and British men, women and children were in their protective custody. It was written, month by month, from late 1941 down thru the three long years of confinement, under the suspicious eyes of the Japs, was smuggled from Baguio to Bilibid Prison in Manila during the last days of 1944, when the author was transferred to that city, and was brought to the United States when the writer was repatriated in March 1945. there can be no doubt, after reading the stories of returning prisoners-of-war that men of the services suffered more indignities and physical abuse than did interned civilians, for to the Japanese no crime is more reprehensible than that of bearing arms against their august Emperor. However, civilians were constantly kept in a state of mental torment and never knew what the morrow would bring. Always underfed – a situation which grew progressively worse as sources of food supplies became fewer. Many were stricken with disease and some died because of lowered bodily resistance attributable to malnutrition. The writer’s experience is typical for he lost seventy-seven pounds during internment and, in common with most of his comrades-in-misery, was a gaunt and feeble specimen when release finally came.
Year Published: 1945, Berkeley, California
Format: Recent-cloth, bookpaper
Size: 9.2 x 6.1 inches
No. of Pages: 291 pages
Condition: Ex-library copy; this book has been re-bound; binding is in fine shape with no visible wear; pages are fine and crisp with very little toning; overall VERY GOOD condition
Weight: 600 grams

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