Saturday, October 15, 2011

Romulo Olazo

was born in Balayan, Batngas 1934. (Transparent abstracts & prints) Enrolled at UST in 1951 for a fine arts degree, but built in his junior year. Was employed as a comic illustrator at Oriental Komiks and Ace Publications, later working at Modern Advertising, Monserrat Advertising and Acme Neon Light outdoor billboard firms. By 1960, was working at Phil Advertising Counselors. First one-man-show, CCP Small Gallery, 1974, featuring an abstract silkscreen monoprint 25 feet long. Recent solo, 1995, Lopez Museum and Gallery 139, Albano. Participated in the First International Exhibits of Prints, Galerie Bleue. In 1973, represented the country at the Sao Biennale in Brazil and the 2nd Indian Triennale in New Delhi. Son Jonathan is also a fulltime artist in the abstract idiom, and was juror’s choice at the Phil Art Award of 1994. Won 1st prize at the PAC Art Competition, 1963-64 and ’65, and 1st prize and 3rd hon mention at the same contest, 1967. Purchase award, CCP Art Exhibit, 1970. Purchase prize, 3rd PAP Annual, and 1st and 3rd prizes, 4th PAP Annual. In 1972 again won 1st prize at the 5th PAP Annual. One of CCP’s Thirteen Artist of the Year. Award of distinction in arts, Balayan Quadricentennial Foundation, Batangas. In 1979, won hon mention at the 11th Intl Biennial Exhibits of Prints, Tokyo. Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan award. City of Manila. [20th CENT Vol I-MD]*** Associated primarily with the series consisting of large painting based on original collograph technique which the artist developed. As a paintings, they are made of fine transparent screens in overlapping layers that create patterns of relative transparency and destiny. Color is usually restrained to cool monochrome blues and greens and occasional yellows. Achieves light ethereal effects or luminous passage in the thin layers that filter the light from the surface to increasing depths. Modifies the layering technique by crumpling and folding the delicate diaphanous tissues, heightening tonal play with thin sharp facets, or by superimposing brisk gestural strokes to stimulate the surface. [CCP Vol IV-AG]
19.5" x 25.5"
HAC Code: PR021


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