Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reminiscences: General of the Army By Douglas MacArthur

Title: Reminiscences: General of the Army
Author: Douglas MacArthur
Synopsis: These reminiscences are neither history, biography nor a diary, although they comprise something of each of these categories. What is presented is far from a complete account even of all the incidents in which I had a part, but merely my recollections of events, refreshed by a reference to my own memoranda and a free use of staff studies and historical records made under my direction and supervision. It may assist the future historian when he seeks to account for the motives and reasons which influenced some of the actions in the great drama of war. It is also my hope that it will prove of some interest to the rising generation, who may learn therefrom that a country and government such as ours is worth fighting for, and dying for, if need be.
Year Published: 1964, United States
Format: Cloth-bound, bookpaper
Size: 9.5 x 6.3 inches
No. of Pages: 438 pages
Condition: Covers are in good shape with a few small bumps around the corners; pages are fine and crisp with some minor toning due to age; overall VERY GOOD condition, First Edition, ex-libris copy
Weight: 800 grams

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HAC Code: 3F0012


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