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The Ordeal of Elizabeth Vaughan: Wartime Diary of the Philippines by Carol M. Petillo

Title: The Ordeal of Elizabeth Vaughan: Wartime Diary of the Philippines
Author: Carol M. Petillo
Synopsis: As one would expect, the trials, tribulations, and small triumphs of a wartime internee emerge from the pages of Vaughan's diary. This young mother shepherded her two toddlers through nearly three years of life in Japanese internment camps at Bacolod and Manila. Her struggle to obtain food and medicine, make clothing, and educate and comfort her children while she risked smuggling and adjusted to impossibly cramped living quarters are testimony to Vaughan's (and her fellow internees') ingenuity. The diary is more useful, however, for Vaughan's understanding of (and sometimes conflict with) traditional gender roles. The mundane tasks of childrearing sometimes became a life/death struggle, caused the breakdown of social mores, and left Vaughan yearning for adult companionship. Additionally, Vaughan, trained as a sociologist, filled her diary with perceptive observations about Filipino, Japanese, and American culture, class structure, and behavior. Vaughan records a compelling story that will interest general readers. Graduate students or faculty interested either in Vaughan as a professional sociologist or in the social history of the WW II era will find the diary a useful supplement to Vaughan's professional writings.
Year Published: 1985, U.S.A
ISBN: 0-8203-0751-3
Format: Cloth-bound, bookpaper
Size: 9.5 x 6.2 inches
No. of Pages: 312 pages
Condition: Dust jacket is missing; covers are in good shape with some minor scuffs and bumps; remnants of a small tag price on the front endpaper; pages are fine and crisp with no visible toning; overall VERY GOOD condition
Weight: 650 grams

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