Saturday, October 22, 2011

MacArthur and the War Against Japan by Frazier Hunt

Title: MacArthur and the War Against Japan
Author: Frazier Hunt
Synopsis: In all of American history there is no more heroic, dramatic and inspiring chapter than that which began in July, 1941, when General Douglas MacArthur, recalled to active service in the United States Army, began the almost impossible task of preparing the Philippines for immediate war. Starting out in a calm and dispassionate way, Frazier Hunt gradually unfolds the thrilling story of how a single man of stout heart and great purpose stood up against defeat, discouragement and actual abandonment - and in the end won incredible victories. It is a story no real American can afford to miss. It not only tells accurately and chronologically of the campaigns in the Philippines, Australia, New Guinea and the whole Western Pacific, but it is a warm, human document of courage and devotion to an ideal by a great soldier and patriot. Frazier Hunt, internationally famous correspondent and military observer, who records this stirring phase of our military history, was with the forces in the South Pacific and participated in a number of the engagements described here. Mr. Hunt not only had the complete confidence of General MacArthur, whom he has known for a great many years, and his staff, but he also had access to the official records of General Headquarters which outlined in full the progress of the war in the Southwest Pacific Area. With this historical data and from what he himself has seen, he is able to give a straightforward and comprehensive account of operations in that theatre - from MacArthur's return to active duty in 1941 up to the landings at Hollandia in April, 1944.
Year Published: 1944, New York, United States
Format: Clothbound, newsprint
Size: 8.2 x 5.2 inches
No. of Pages: 182 pages
Condition: Some minor shelf-wear; covers are in good shape with a few bumps around the edges and a few light rubs due to age; pages are crisp also with some light toning due to age; overall VERY GOOD condition, ex-libris copy
Weight: 290 grams

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