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The Luzon Central Plain: Zambales, Bataan and Corregidor by Fernando R. Reyes and Leonardo Q. Nuval

Title: The Luzon Central Plain: Zambales, Bataan and Corregidor
Author: Fernando R. Reyes and Leonardo Q. Nuval
Synopsis: This is the fifth volume of the book series World War II in the Philippines. It completes the presentation of the war as it happened in Luzon. In mournful tones, it tells of the Japanese military invasion, the feeble resistance offered by the Filipino and American defenders to the powerful Japanese war machine as it rolled across Central Luzon and their initial disregard of Bataan. The Japanese firmly believed this until the stubborn defense offered by the USAFFE coupled with the forces of Mother Nature inflicted considerable battle and non-battle casualties to the invaders. As a result, they disengaged and waited for a substantial reinforcement and resupply from elsewhere in Asia. The story of the five-square-mile Corregidor is also told – its merciless 300 bombings by Japanese warplanes and its dramatic recapture three years after by the Allied Liberation Forces. The Guerrilla Movement in the area covered by this volume was not as extensive as those in other parts of the country but they are adequately recounted here especially the Chinese Guerrillas, a volunteer group that rose in rebellion against Japan for the reason that the Japanese were warring against their countrymen on the China mainland.
Year Published: 1996, Manila, Philippines
ISBN: 971-542-050-8
Format: Recent-cloth, bookpaper
Size: 9 x 6 inches
No. of Pages: 366 pages
Condition: This book has been re-bound; the binding is in very good shape with no visible edge or corner wear; pages are fine and crisp with some minor toning; overall VERY GOOD condition
Weight: 600 grams

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