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The Japanese Occupation of the Philippines Vol. I and II By A.V.H. Hartendorp

Title: The Japanese Occupation of the Philippines Vol. I and II
Author: A.V.H. Hartendorp
Synopsis: Except for the last few chapters, this entire work was written from day to day during the three years of the author’s internment in Santo Tomas and is therefore to be considered as a prison document. Insofar as the history of the Santo Tomas Internment Camp is concerned, the work may be taken as definitive; insofar as the book covers the enemy rule of the country, it is less so. The work, written at firsthand, has the virtues of contemporaneity and immediacy, and of personal feeling and passion, but also the faults which must result from partial information. Yet Santo Tomas was a vantage point for observation and the gathering of information, - which was one reason why the Japanese made every effort to transfer the Camp and did succeed in sending about a third of the 7,000 internees to Los Banos. The writing of such record as this forbidden by the Japanese under strong menace. In the end they destroyed their own records and those of the successive internee executive committees, but the author’s voluminous transcript, carefully hidden away, was never found by them.
Year Published: 1967, 1st Edition, Manila, Philippines
Format: Hardbound, bookpaper
Size: 10 x 7.2 inches
No. of Pages: Vol.1: 662 pages / Vol.2: 682 pages
Condition: Ex-library copy; remnants of library card still visible; custom slip-case; binding is in great shape with no obvious damage or bumps; leaves are in very good condition with very light toning; overall EXCELLENT condition
Weight: 2,750 grams

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