Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Fight for Freedom: Remembering Bataan and Corregidor by Antonio A. Nieva

Title: The Fight for Freedom: Remembering Bataan and Corregidor
Author: Antonio A. Nieva
Synopsis: Antonio A. Nieva, a survivor of the Batan Death March, recounts with fury and tenderness the battles fought by Filipino and American forces in the Philippines in World War II, from the time the USAFFE recruited young college boys from their ROTC units; to the liberation of the Philippines by Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Antonio A. Nieva was an ROTC officer at the Ateneo de Manila when he was recruited to join the USAFFE’s mobilization in preparation for a Pacific War.
Year Published: 1998, Quezon City, Philippines
ISBN: 971-10-0947-1
Format: Softbound, bookpaper
Size: 7 x 5 inches
No. of Pages: 229 pages
Condition: This book is brand-new; no obvious wear; pages are fine and crisp with no visible toning; overall EXCELLENT condition
Weight: 260 grams

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