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Author: Alice Guillermo
Synopsis: Jose V. Blanco is an indisputable master of Philippine genre. That is what this book, written by Alice G. Guillermo, one of the country's most foremost critics, amply proves. Through the years, Blanco has painstakingly and devotedly developed his art to the high level it now occupies. The matchless tapestry of Blanco's art live with the folk of the fishing village of Angono. the art of Blanco captures the quintessential Philippine folk, their lives, joys and travails, their traditions and customs, their rituals and legends. In his more recent works, the artist chose to go beyond Angono itself to cover the north and south regions of the country. These paintings are marked with autentic approach to the genre subjects, an approach that stems from Blanco's artistic insight and his intimate familiarity with folk life.The artistic heritage of Angono may be traced back to the nineteenth century masters of religious images. It continues to the present in Jose Blanco and his progeny of the second generation of Blanco artists: his five sons and two daughters, who are all painters endowed with the freshness of their discovery of their world. Through his paintings, Blanco tells us what it is to be a Filipino in folk traditions and in contemporary artistry.
Year Published: 1987
Format: hardbound, glossy w/ dust jacket
Size: 11 1/4 x 10 1/4
No. of Pages: 312 pages
Condition: like new

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