Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anita Magsaysay Ho

was born in Manila 1914.Died May 2012. UP, School of Fine Arts, 1933 under Ireneo Miranda, Vicente Rivera y Mir, Pablo and Fernando Amorsolo, and Fabian de la Rosa. Also studied at the School of Design in Manila under Victorio Edades and Enrique Ruiz. Enrolled at the Art Students League of New York under Kenneth Hayes Miller, Will Barmett and Robert Wartd Johnson. Also at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan under Zoltan Sepeshy. First solo sponsored by the US Information Service, Manila 1945. [20th CENT 1st Ed-MD]*** Magsaysay-Ho was a member of the 13 Moderns and the Neorealist. The original expanded to the PAG group, which included Lyd Arguilla, Nena Saguil, and Magsaysay-Ho as its women artist. In her paintings of the PAG period which had as subject women harvesting fruit, gathering sheaves of grain, or selling fish in the market, she emphasized movement and bustling interaction by bold vigorous brushstokes and strong tonal contrasts of light and dark. Her work of the ‘70s showed the influence of Chinese calligraphy, in random spartterings of controlled ink blots suggestive of rock formations. A distinct period in the mid ‘80s was her Green period , the predominant coloration found in the hue of leaves, fruit, vegetables and the women figures themselves. By the late ‘80s, began to paint large female half-figures. In place spontaneity and lightness which characterized her earlier period, figures and forms acquired a solidarity of mass rendered in a highly refined manner. Her colors became very Asian, using stark contrast such as burntsienna and yellow greens. [CCP Vol IV-AG]*** Held a retrospective of works from 1940 to 1988 in 1989 ( including her ninth solo in 1993), at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. [ 20th CENT Vol I-MD]*** Was once considered the foremost Filipinia painter of her time. Paints her figures in awkward and angular positions, to emphzsize the lines of her composition. Feeling that black hair, black brows and black eyes made the upper portion of the head color-heavy, painted her woman wearing a kerchief to minimize the dark area of the head, or as if a strong light were focused from beneath her figures. Exhibited at the 2nd Intl and Contemporary Art Exhibit in New Delhi, India standing masters as Picasso, Matisse and Kuniyoshi. Painting from the age of nine, was awarded the grand prize of P3,000 during the 5th AAP Annual in 1960. [Mobilways]*** Her on the cover is a monochromatic work showing her interst in corporation textural patterns, blotches, and contrast into an overall design. [FC-Countryside Banking Vol 2 No 7, Jul 1976]
14.5" x 13.75"
HAC Code: PR001
18" x 13.75"
HAC Code: PR002
13.75" x 18"
HAC Code: PR003


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