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Writings of Jose Rizal Vol. II, Part 2: The Rizal-Blumentritt Correspondence

Title: Writings of Jose Rizal Vol. II, Part 2: The Rizal-Blumentritt Correspondence
Author: The Jose Rizal National Centennial Commission
Synopsis: This volume is a collection of the letters exchanged between Rizal and Blumentritt in English translation with the extant facsimiles of Rizal’s letters. The original letters and their Spanish translation were published by the Philippine National Library from 1930 to 1938 in a series of volumes with the title Epistolario Rizalino. The correspondence between Rizal and Blumentritt began when Rizal, hearing that Blumentritt was studying the Tagalog language, sent him a copy of Rufino Baltazar Hernandez’ Aritmetica in Tagalog and Spanish, with a letter written in German. Stimulated by their common intellectual interest, this correspondence lasted until Rizal’s death. As Blumentritt came to know Rizal, he developed an admiration for his transcendent genius, and abiding friendship grew between them. Through him Rizal was introduced to other notable European scholars such as A.B. Meyer, Jagor, Kern, Rost, and Virchow. Inspired by their scholarly productions and manifest interest in the Philippine Archipelago, Rizal organized an international association of Philippinsts and planned to hold an international congress which would bring to the attention of Europe the Philippine question. This volume includes the constitution and list of officers of the international association prepared by Rizal. In his letters to Blumentritt Rizal expressed freely his views on the various national problems facing his people and told him of his intellectual and artistic activities and of his family. His last letter to Blumentritt was dated at Fort Santiago, 29 December 1896, the eve of his execution.
Year Published: 1961, Manila, Philippines
Format: Softbound, newsprint
Size: 7 x 5 inches
No. of Pages: 151 pages
Condition: Ex-library copy, Some minor shelf-wear; pages are in good shape, corners are very slightly bumped; stamped “Compliments of the National Historical Commission” on the flyleaf; pages are crisp and are in fine shape with some minor toning; overall GOOD condition
Weight: 110 grams

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