Friday, September 23, 2011

Title: PASIG CITY: Portrait of a New Metropolis
Publisher: Manuel D. Duldulao
Synopsis: The photographs show the city in its many moods and guises. They encompass history and journalism, past and present nature and industry, and endow even the most commonplace with insightful beauty and a sense of extraordinary. Taken together, they compose a portrait of strong images; the lingering scenes of the old hometown; the lusty drive of a city building itself; riveting architecture and centerpieces of art; and life by the ancient river after which the town was named. The pictures celebrate the physical magnitude of the place and the profusion of its prospects and possibilities.
Year Published: 2000
Format: Hardbound, glossy w/ dust jacket
Size: 11.25" x 10.25"
No. of Pages: 263 pages
Condition: good

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HAC Code: 088


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