Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Rizal Caravan: Jose Rizal: The Leader and Patriot (Second Year - 1958)

Title: The Rizal Caravan: Jose Rizal: The Leader and Patriot (Second Year)
Author: Jose Ma. Hernandez, Esteban A. de Ocampo and Zosimo C. Ella
Synopsis: This book emphasizes Rizal’s fight for freedom. Rizal’s greatest desire was freedom for his country and people. What freedom? Freedom from fear. Rizal wanted his family and countrymen to live, study and work in peace. Freedom from want. Rizal counseled his people to be diligent, patient, intelligent, industrious and thrifty. Freedom of thought and speech. Rizal worked almost every minute of his life so that Filipinos might be free from thought-control. Freedom of faith. Rizal longed for the beautiful day when Filipinos could go to any church of their choice and worship in the way they pleased. The student as well as the teacher, is therefore, urged to contemplate Rizal’s fight for freedom, for in our day and age, we, as Filipinos and as human beings, would not be enjoying our present heritage of liberty were it not for the powerful expression of Rizal’s thoughts and his supreme sacrifice.
Year Published: 1958, Quezon City, Philippines
Format: Clothbound, bookpaper
Size: 8.5 x 5.8 inches
No. of Pages: 182 pages
Condition: Ex-library copy, Covers are in great shape with some minor bumps; remnants of library card still visible at the back endsheet; leaves are fine and crisp with some light toning due to age; overall VERY GOOD condition
Weight: 340 grams

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