Saturday, September 3, 2011

Popularizing Rizal in Briefs

Title: Popularizing Rizal in Briefs
Author: Edited by Edgar Valencia Rosero
Synopsis: Popularizing Rizal in Briefs is a collection of short essays on the life, works and martyrdom of Dr. Jose P. Rizal and other heroes. These essays were written by University of the Philippines college students who took P.I. 100 (Rizal Course) in Summer 1992. These essays were based from books and articles on Rizal and other heroes written by other heroes written by other authors either summarizing them into short articles, or by fleshing out particular topics and stories from these thick books and long articles and weaving brief essays and/or highlighting them in short and separate articles. Thus, the young reader can easily spot and select a topic of his particular interest from the table of contents.
Year Published: circa 90s, Quezon City, Philippines
Format: Recent-cloth, newsprint
Size: 9 x 6 inches
No. of Pages: approximately 260 pages
Condition: This book has been re-bound; first few leaves are slightly more toned than the rest; pages are in good shape with light toning; overall VERY GOOD condition
Weight: 380 grams

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HAC Code: 3I0005


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