Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Laguna de Bay: The Living Lake

Title: LAGUNA DE BAY: The Living Lake
Author: Reynaldo Gamboa Alejandro
Synopsis: This book is not only the biodersity and ecologic and abundance of Laguna de Bay, but also the surrounding coastal towns rich cultural heritage, pre-Hispanic trading with our Asian neighbors, and arts and crafts, myths and legends, varied gustatory delights and points of interest. Recently, Laguna de Bay has been voted as the 18th Living Lake. Now the global community is watching. Time is running out on the Philippines' biological diversity, which is now one of the world's most endagered.
Year Published: 2002
Format: Hardbound, glossy/ bookpaper,w/ dust jacket
Size: 9.4" x 12.25"
No. of Pages: 162 pages
Condition: Good

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HAC Code: 029


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