Saturday, September 3, 2011

Indio Bravo: The Story of Jose Rizal

Title: Indio Bravo: The Story of Jose Rizal
Author: Asuncion Lopez-Rizal Bantug with Sylvia Mendez Ventura, Drawings by Bencab
Synopsis: As a young girl, Asuncion Lopez-Rizal Bantug sat on her uncle Paciano’s lap and asked him to tell her stories about his brother Jose. Ms. Bantug, the granddaughter of Rizal’s elder sister Narcisa, was her family’s journalist and chronicler. Fondly nicknamed “the little question box,” she plied her relatives for their recollections about Lolo Jose. Over the years, she copiously filled up notebooks with details about the life of our national hero. For over fifty years, Ms. Bantug’s memoirs have served as the basis for many of the stories historians have told about Rizal. In 1938, Ms. Bantug won third prize in the Commonwealth Biography Contest for the life story she penned about her granduncle. That manuscript served as the basis for this book. Here is an intimate account by the one lady who, perhaps more than any other living writer, can give us a rare insider’s look at Rizal’s private life.
Year Published: 1997, Makati City, Philippines
ISBN: 971-630-065-4
Format: Softbound, bookpaper
Size: 10.2 x 7.5 inches
No. of Pages: 154 pages
Condition: Ex-libris copy, Some very minor shelf-wear; corners are slightly bumped but in otherwise good shape; pages are fine and crisp with no obvious toning; some highlighted text throughout the book by previous owner; overall VERY GOOD condition
Weight: 480 grams

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