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The Forgery of Rizal’s Retraction and Josephine’s Autobiography

Title: The Forgery of Rizal’s Retraction and Josephine’s Autobiography
Author: Ildelfonso T. Runes and Mamerto M. Buenafe
Synopsis: This book by Ildelfonso T. Runes and Mamerto M. Buenafe fully vindicates the hero from the slanderous charges of his enemies that he retracted all his “words, writings, printed publications and conduct…and abominated masonry” shortly before his execution. With their disclosure of the forger of the alleged document of retraction and his accomplices on the one hand and the presentation of the multi-doctored facsimiles on the other, the authors of this powerful book leave only little, if any, doubt that the retraction is a colossal fraud of which the Filipino hero had been the unfortunate victim. Runes and Buenafe have argues in the book that the retraction scheme or plot is a political weapon used by the Church and its leaders with which to nullify the patriotic labors of Rizal and to disprove his charges against the friars and the Roman Catholic Church which aroused the people to rise finally in a national revolt that overthrew the “priest-ridden” Spanish rule in the islands. This new book also demolishes one by one the arguments which Catholic writers used in their futile attempts to defend the document of “retraction” supposed to be in the custody of the Archbishop of Manila. Several pamphlets were published by Catholic writers by way of refuting a smaller book issued previously by Runes and .Luciano de la Rosa. But the “retractionist” cause has so suffered a real beating that the books carrying the facsimiles of the fake document have been withdrawn from bookstands. Even the circulation of the official “Statement of the Catholic Hierarchy of the Philippines”: on the Noli-Fili bill – authored by the Papal Nuncio here – had been prohibited, although some copies carrying the facsimile of the fake document are in the possession of collectors. The fake document of the Catholic Hierarchy is reproduced in this book and one whole chapter is devoted to its history and description.
Year Published: 1962, Manila, Philippines
Format: Cloth-bound, dust-jacket, bookpaper
Size: 8.2 x 6 inches
No. of Pages: 198 pages
Condition: Dust-jacket is slightly worn but intact; the binding itself is in good shape with some very minor wear; pages are fine and crisp with only some minor toning; overall GOOD condition
Weight: 370 grams

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