Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bataan & Corregidor: Battleground of the Brave

Title: Bataan & Corregidor: Battleground of the Brave
Author: By The National Media Production Center, Manila
Synopsis: Thirty-five years after it took place, the siege of Bataan still is a historic landmark in the life of the Filipino nation. Though the brave men who fought there came from three different nations, this battleground was our own peculiar agony, and our own peculiar triumph. The Japanese people, whose own heroic tradition recognized the nobility of failure, will easily understand this seeming paradox. Everywhere else in Asia, the audacious and resolute Imperial Army snatched easy victory in the dry season of 1942. At Bataan, the Japanese met a force as indomitable as their own. That, in practical terms, the Filipinos’ struggle had been useless from the beginning, heightened the poignancy of their sacrifice and the purity of their courage. In the end, of course, the preponderance of firepower and materiel told. Bataan fell, followed soon after by the island-fortress of Corregidor. In suffering military defeat, the young Filipino defenders of Bataan won a soaring victory of the spirit.
Year Published: 1997, Manila, Philippines
Format: Cloth-bound, dust-jacket, glossy paper
Size: 10 x 9.3 inches
No. of Pages: 94 pages
Condition: Dust-jacket is slightly worn with some scuffs; covers are also a bit worn due to age; leaves are fine and crisp with no obvious toning; overall GOOD condition
Weight: 630 grams

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