Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pablo Mahinay

was born in Caingan, Masbate 1946. Night classes, PWU 1977-79. ( Geometric folk sculpture & etchings) Came to Mla in 1969, answering an ad to work as asst to artist/sculptor Arturo Luz in his studio. By 1973, was assigned to Luz Gallery, beginning to sculpt on his off days. Presented portfolio of drawings to Raul Isidro, then dean of the PWU fine arts dept, who offered him a scholarship. First solo of 25 marble works, Ma-yi Asso, 1980 Has had six sculpture exhibits since. Also produced etchings, handled by Marbella Gallery and Gallery G in the ‘90s. Went into fulltime sculpture, 1992, buying two passenger jeepneys to earn his daily bread so he could gain artistic freedom for himself. Represented the country at the Inami Intl Wood Sculpture Camp, Inami, Japan, 1995. Was the only Asian invited to attend by more than 5,000 folk sculptures Symposium 1997 in Premia , Lithuania, attended by more than 5,000 folk sculptors from around the world. Commissions include a 12-foot bronze installation at the Lipa City Memorial Park. Member, Society of the Phil Sculptors. [20th CENT Vol III-MD]
Narra wood
15" x 45” x 12”
HAC Code: SC007


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