Friday, June 3, 2011

Manuel Montoya

was born in Davao City, 1959. (Colorful graphic-figurative genre) Started a BSED course at the Univ of Mindanao. Art Studies, London’s Intl Correspondence School. Was already a 1st prize winner in an art contest in high school at the Rizal Memorial College. In the ‘80s was active with Davao Art Foundation together with George So, Lito Pepito, and Jun Alfon. When he moved to Mla, went in plein air painting sessions every Saturday with Greg Bolanos and Loreto Racuya. Has had two solos to date : Asian Inst of Tourism, 1989; and Honey Bear Restaurant, Davao City, 1997. Paints under the influence of European impressionism and Japanese art. The turning point in his art occurred when he met Tito Suasu in Davao, a classmate of Zalameda at the UST. Suasu had a fine collection of old art books, and gifted him with the Yale Univ books on the principles of design and the philosophies of color theory. From these books, and with the color schemes of Fernando Amorsolo as his ideal, Montoya was able to devise his own color theory, which eschews overcomplementation altogether. His search is for clear, clean, pure color. On the subject of women vendors, his colors are similar to the works of Veronica Lim- Yuyitung, one of the early UST graduates who painted neo-Botticelli type of women and children . Likes to paint the dalaga singly or in groups surrounded by baskets of lanzones fruit or bougainvillea flowers. At the edge of the paintings are imperceptible, minute ribbon buntings of color. Participated in 12 group shows to date. Awards include 1st prize at a painting competition sponsored by Mayor Rebong of Davao City; 3rd prize at the spot painting competition of the Ministry of Human Settlements in Davao in 1984; and 2nd prize at the spot competition sponsored by AFRIM. For a realistic portrayal of a jeep, he got hon mention at the Phil Morris Art Awards. [BIOS-JS]
Oil on Canvas
29" x 39"
HAC Code: 79352
Oil on Canvas
30" x 35"
HAC Code: 61227


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