Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Title: Joya
Foreward by: Francisco Arcellana
Synopsis: Joya’s Drawings disprove a charge often made against artist: that they do abstraction because they can’t do the human figure. In his drawing, Joya dazzingly proves he can detail the human body even without an actual model before him- and the question arises: May not his representational drawings outrank his abstract paintings in the future? He says he ranks them equal- “although in terms of weight, the paintings will always be heavier”, But let time decide. “The paintings are my private fun. I do them for my own satisfaction.”.
Year Published: 1996
Format: Hardbound, glossy, w/ dust jacket
Size: 12.25" x 12.25"
No. of Pages: --- pages
Condition: New

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HAC Code: CT022


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