Thursday, June 16, 2011

Enclyclopedia of Philippine Art

Title: Encylopedia of Phil. Art
Author: Marlene Aguilar
Synopsis: I remember going to school when I was a little girl, seeing cars stop in the middle of the road because the national anthem was playing. Men, women and children stopped too. They placed their right hands on their hearts to sing this beautiful song. I stopped and sang with them, touched by the beauty and intensity of this sacred ritual that gave honor to my mother land. I grew up in the Philippines with these warm memories of the Filipinos love and respect for my country and nothing; nothing could take that away from me. I publish books because I am driven with an intense hunger to help repair our damage culture. I hope that my humble publications will help awaken a new generation of Filipinos, free colonial mentality-proud of their art, proud of their heritage, proud of their race! Message from : Marlene Aguilar Publisher May 30, 2002
Year Published: 2005
Format: Hardbound, glossy, w/ dust jacket
Size: 11.5" x 10.25"
No. of Pages: 316 pages
Condition: New

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HAC Code:CT004


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