Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Century of Realism

Title: A Century of Realism
Author: Manuel D. Duldulao
Synopsis: This is the revised and expanded edition of the biographical dictionary published in October 1993. When the first collection of artists’ biographies was released, the publishers had hoped that the art community would find a need for it, not only as a handy reference source but as an aid to aesthetic awareness. The response was overwhelming; the book was solt out in less the one year. As in the first edition, the second shows how artist in the 20th century looks, live, and work. A few refinements have been added to make it an even more delightful read. One of them is the use of chronological device to present the lives of the artist. The format allows the reader to get a wider picture of the artist’s beginnings and struggle that are germaine to the making of his art and relevant to its meanings and values. More than 100 artist, from Amorsolo to the emerging figures of today, are featured in two volumes boxed in a slipcase. By simply leafing through the pages, the reader is presented with a diversity of contemporary art chosen, from literally thousands of artworks, thus providing an unparalleled guide to the pioneers who have dominated the visual arts in the early part of the century and the active practitioners who are keeping the art scene alive with their innovative energy.
Year Published: 1992
Format: Hardbound, glossy, w/ dust jacket
Size: 11.75" x 10.75"
No. of Pages: 273 pages
Condition: New
Weight: 1.5 kg.

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