Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Art Collector's Guidebook

Title: The Art Collector's Guidebook
Author: Manuel D. Duldulao
Synopsis: The Art Collector’s Guidebook is the first book in the Philippines to offer guidance on every aspect of collecting, from the acquisition. The author, Manuel D. Duldulao, guides us through the labyrinth of the art scene, revealing in the process the secrets of his won collecting techniques and an intimate view of the art market and its working. No one knows his way around the art world better than the author, having been a part of it for the past forty years- as a writer, lecturer, speaker, auctioneer, and dealer. As a patron of unknown artists, he has introduced many of the leading artist of our time. The author’s firsthand experienced on all facets of art, from its making to its selling, accounts for his forthright and practical suggestions. The fine art of collecting objects of beauty has never been discussed in more detail. Written in Duldulao’s signature style- amusing, head-on, and often irreverent-the book is a riveting work. Blending anecdote with art and lively social history, it is absorbing drive. Every page and strategies which are useful to both the experienced collector and the beginner.
Year Published: 1999
Format: Hardbound, bookpaper, w/ dust jacket
Size: 9" x 6.25"
No. of Pages: 316 pages
Condition: New

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HAC Code:CT003


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