Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oscar Navarro

was born in Ermita Mla 1921 died 1973. ( Traditional realism ) Belonged to batch of students at the UP School of Fine Arts whose studies were interrupted by the outbreak of WWII. Most of his classmates perished in the Bataan Death March. In 1948, established a shop in Ermita. Was the most discipline and most acclaimed disciple of the classical tradition. Unlike most affiliates of the Amorsolo school who opened art galleries in the Mabini area, he consistently produced works of quality, even in the small landscapes he sold to tourist. Tried to evolve a coloring unique to his works. Greens and browns appear often in his landscapes. He eschewed Amorsolo’s yellow and orange tones. Deliberately avoided painting the brilliant tropical sunlight, and stove for his own identity. His canvases depicting scenes in the medical professions, show his mastery of complex compositions. [CP Vol IV-SP]***In the conservative painting category of the AAP Annuals, won hon mention in 1951; 3rd prize, calendar prize, and 2nd (poster category) 1952; 1st prize, 1955. [Award-JS]*** Has to his credit a number of murals at Clark Air Base and the large paintings at the lobby of Filipinas Hotel. [Mobilways Vol II No 3 Jan 1956]
Oil on Canvas
24" x 36"
HAC Code: 79300


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