Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ben Alcantara

was born in Quiapo, Mla. (Illustrations) UP School of Fine Arts, a Ramon Roces scholar. Transferred to UST but was unable to finish. Was a still a student when he worked for Liwayway magazine. Later was art director of the Sunday Magazine. Created the comic character for made into a full-length movie five times and a TV series.In the early ‘60s when the PWU was organizing the Bayanihan Dance Troupe, was commissioned to do 32 paintings of Phil legends as part of a research project in connection with the costuming of the dancers. These were exhibited as his first solo, sponsored by the university. Half of these paintings are still with the PWU Museum, while the rest decorate the offices of Philamlife. Also did a series of illustrations of Phil legends for and < Saturday Mirror> magazines. To make the costumes authentic, he traveled widely in Bagobo and T’boli country. This searchin indigenous Filipino art forms such as the Maranao sarimanok, is the style origin of his back and white paintings. He is a son-in law of Victor Tomas Cabrera of Dongalo, Paranaque, who likewise researched and painted the Tasadays. Painting technique consist of putting on several layers of white latex, then detailing bold outlines in black india ink and making incisions on the outlines. Has illustrated books such as and several books for the local representatives of McGraw Hill. Won eight major prices for illustrative work at NPC-SPIC and Mla Overseas Press Club competitions. [BIOS-JS]*** Joined the art exhibit at Paseo de Pasay in 1932 under the patronage of Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, sponsored by Margaret Wolfson, Juan Arellano, Fabian de la Rosa, Arsenio Luz, and Alfonso Ongpin. [HAAP-SP]
Oil on Canvas
23.5" x 11.5"
HAC Code: 48305


Abby A. said...

Ben Alcantara is my grandfather and I had no idea about all of his accomplishments until now. Thank you so much for sharing a part of my heritage with me!

-Abby Alcantara

shakicabrera said...

@ abby alcantara: hi! i'm the granddaughter of victor toms cabrera and i want to know how is Tito Ben now? i'll be glad if you can send me a message thru my FB account: tnx!

wria lombos said...

Tito Ben is a big influence to me in being the person that I am now. His very good sense of humor has rubbed in me and I will be forever grateful for that. His personality is strongly suggested in the kind of art he produced. Somebody has yet to approximate if not surpass his attention to details with all the elements of art.
I am also the grand daughter of Victor Tomas Cabrera whose depth in expressing his inner core has been my inspiration in threading the spiritual life.
I am so ecstatic having found this site through my cousin Shaki. I am so proud to have been related to these great men who have made use of this God given talents to their utmost!

Abby A. said...

Hi Shaki! I'm just now reading this message. I tried to message you on Facebook but it wouldn't allow me. Feel free to add me, if you'd like:

And to answer your question, I'm sad to say that my Lolo Ben passed away many years ago.

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