Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Isabelo Quiles

was born in Madellin, Cebu 1948. (Figurative genre) San Carlos Univ. Worked as a painter in 1964 at Cebu Arts Unlimited owned by Carmelo Tamayo, under whom he studied for two years at the San Carlos Univ. Also studied under Martino Abellana. Worked as layout artist at Advtg Asso in Cagayan de Oo. Moved to Mla in 1968, getting employment as figure artist with Hi-Art, an Outdoor company in Makati. By 1970, opened his own Quiles Advtg in Davao City. Has assisted National Artist Victorio Edades in commissioned work. First solo, Asiatic Gallery, 1981. Fourth and fifth solos, Mla Hotel, 1993-94. Participated in a traveling exhibit which toured China, Japan and Australia, 1984. Featured in the book by Alice Guillermo. Pres, Davao Durian Artist, 1970-74. Board member, Art Asso of Davao, 1980. First prizes, Datu Bago Portrait competition, 1973; Davao City Lions Week competition, 1974; and the First Mt Apo spot painting competition, 1978. [20th CENT Vol II- MD]
Oil on Canvas
24" x 30"
HAC Code: 56027
Oil on Canvas
36" x 60"
HAC Code: 77661


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